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PostSubject: Implants.   Tue 22 Jan 2008 - 17:01

I have very recently learnt from my dentist that the NDH (Newcastle Dental Hospital) have received a multi-million pound grant from the government to train dentists on implantation.

My dentist is referring me to them to put me on the waiting list - for free!

I reccommend you contact the NDH for details or see your dentist if you are interested!

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PostSubject: Re: Implants.   Thu 16 Feb 2012 - 19:17

Implants are GREAT. I had them done 3 years ago, and they have completely changed my life. I made a post about it just a few minutes ago in the first forum category which you can read the story on them. The only thing I can warn anyone about would be the smoking audience. I was a smoker, I learned from my oral surgeon something very interested. No matter who you are, once you are full grown, the bone in your jaw/mouth shrinks a certain amount every year which will affect your implants down the road and minor repairs can be made. Now, if you are a smoker, that rate nearly doubles. Within 15 years after receiving your VERY expensive implants, you will have some MAJOR repairs that need to be done. So if you are a smoker and considering implants I would highly advise switching to a non-tobacco form of nicotene until you can get off completely. I use nicorette mini lozenges. They come in a 4mg and 2mg option. If you smoke atleast 1 pack a day I would recommend starting with the 4mg. Just some advice for those who want to take it.
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