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 ear problems - otitis externa

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PostSubject: ear problems - otitis externa   Thu 14 Feb 2008 - 22:18

Has anyone had outer ear troubles, and if so, are they aggravated by swimming? Our son has just had his second otitis externa infection. He swims twice a week and I wondered if this was a possible cause. He has very narrow ear canals though the bit inside is apparantly the nromal size, which means wax builds up. We use almond oil every other day, and he had impacted wax removed a year ago.
I got some ear plugs, but they are too big. Any ideas where I can get narrower ones??

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PostSubject: Re: ear problems - otitis externa   Tue 14 Oct 2008 - 19:16

I've never had any real issues with ears but I know that it is quite common with ED patients.

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ear problems - otitis externa
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