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 New to ED

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PostSubject: New to ED   Wed 12 Aug 2009 - 9:30

Hi everyone,

My name is Sunny Reid and my husband Dave has ED ( I only found out today). We have 3 girls ( only the last one is Daves ) and it looks like she has ED as well as she has the same features as her father. Crinkled nails and thick dry hair and what is looking more and more like asthma as well. She has also had a few chest infections.

i only really found out by accident. I always knew something was differant about hubby but as it is a sensitive subject ( he himself didnt know he has a diagnoses until today). It was only through talking to his Mum ( a wonderful woman) about how hard it would be for our daughter when she is a teenager and girls being mean to her that it triggered a memory of getting the diagnosis years ago ( over 30 years ). So today we contacted the dr and he told us what it is and is sending the information. I have been looking on the internet all afternoon ( talk about info overlaod) and came across this forum.

Charlotte ( our daughter) is currently 14 months old. She is a angel but I do have some questions. She seems ot havenormal teeth atm, but she seems t be having more trouble teething than my other girls did. Is this something normal to ED?

Also, to the older girls do you use false nails to cover the crinkled nails? I was thinking this would be good for puddles( aka Charlotte) when she is older but i a, concerned about the nail bed not being strong enough to support them.

Her hair is really sparce and like straw...Dabves hair is really thick and course...you should see the girls at the hairdressers run when he goes in for a haircut..lol. it takes almost a hour to do a simple trim it is so thick, but his Mum told me she had alot of trouble with his hair growing when he was little and also keeping what is there tamed...any ideas?

i have a zillion other questions ( as I am convinced she has ED just from the same features her father has ) and My hubby's dr has already offered to have us see a genitic guy. We are still reeling from finding this all out.

Is there anyone in Australia on here as well?

Sorry for all he questions

Sunny sunny
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PostSubject: Re: New to ED   Thu 20 Aug 2009 - 18:56

Hi, and welcome!

ED is generally X linked. Females have XX chromosomes and Males XY chromosomes.

Having a little girl would mean that she has taken one of your X chromosomes and her fathers X chromosomes also. Females with an affected father are more than often carriers, but can show symptoms, which sounds like the case here!

I'l be back on the forum a lot over the weekend to try and catch up, but I'm at work at the moment!!!

Nice to meet you, and look forward to speaking to you again!

We are like crayons. Some are different colours, different shapes, and diferent sizes. But we all must live in the same box
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New to ED
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